What is an ISO Certification Audit?

An ISO certification audit is the process in which the organization shows the evidence to the auditor that the organization working to the required system. This is compulsory while taking ISO certification from a reputed certification body. A qualified professional auditor will come to your organization to validate the management system with required ISO standard. And request to see all the evidence of your organization related to the management system like process and procedure to ensure the system is being used and maintained on regular basis.

The auditor analyse your organization management system and find all the gap or non conformity related to the required standard. The auditor will compose a report for certification body and also handover a copy to you. If all the management system match with the requirement of ISO standard then you are able to get your ISO certification.

Audit Types

Internal Audit: Internal audits are the audits that performed by the organization itself. Internal audit performed on-site to check the quality management system of your organization. These audits are performed to prepare the organization for external audit. The internal auditor must be independent to get the best result.

External Audit: It includes customer, supplier, certification and surveillance audit to verify the management system. A customer audit in which customer a potential customer check your organization system to match with their requirements. A supplier audit is used to check the system of there supplier to meet with the requirement. A Certification Audit is the audit in which a registrar or certification body will conduct a audit in your organization to check that your quality management system is match with the required ISO standard.

After conducting the certification audit which is in two part Stage 1 or Stage 2 the registrar will issue the certificate to your organization. And a surveillance audit is performed by the registrar after one year of certification to verify that you are continuously working on the particular standard.