Who can apply for Patent?

In India, It is the inventor who has the right to apply for a patent for an invention. And an individual to be qualified to record an application for a patent ought to either be the genuine and first designer of the development or a chosen one or lawful agent/heir(s) of the genuine and first creator. The eligibility information to submit Patent Application in India is given under1 Section 6 of Patents Act, 1970 (the Act). For apply the patent you may be:

who can apply for patent
  • Business Owner : who have an idea or product for patent
  • Professional or employee : with new idea for development or business method
  • Research Scientist : have a new concept or formula for patent
  • ME or PHD holder : have research project for patent
  • Students : with aim to get familiar with patent and how they can secure your thoughts.

The rights to apply the patent application can be moved to someone else – physically or lawfully. The applicant referred to in a patent application can, along these lines, be at least one individuals or organizations. The privilege to be referenced as the inventor, then again, can never be moved.

For a worker who thinks of an innovation that falls inside the business’ operational territory, there are sure constraints to the creator’s entitlement to the development. The confinements are subject to how close the association is between the representative’s work undertakings and the innovation.

If you are employed by an organization and come with an innovation, you should discover what applies for your specific creation before you submit a patent application.