Patent Registration Process in India

With an altogether expanding number of Individual Inventors and Small/Medium Sized Clients routinely asking on Patent Registration Process in India. The patent application can be filed as the provisional application or as the complete application with the Indian Patent Office. We hope that given article will provide you the step by step information about the patent registration process in India.

1. Patent Search

For patent registration the searches are conducted in India and worldwide to know the novelty of an invention. For the most part, it is viewed as protected to do patent ventures before patent application filing. On the off chance that a development is found in earlier expressions or closes to earlier expressions then the curiosity of that innovation can be tested by the Indian Patent Office. Hence, it is essential to perform earlier workmanship look so as to set aside the cash and time of a candidate.

2. Drafting of the patent

After patent searches the application is written in the legal language known as the particular which can be with or without claims. Without claims is the temporary particular and with claims is the finished determination. The determination indicates the field of innovation, point by point portrayal of the development with working models and the best technique to play out a creation so an individual talented in the workmanship can play out the creation. The legal part accompanies the claims of the development which characterize the lawful assurance looked for by a designer.

3. Application filing

A patent application will be recorded on Form-1 alongside Provisional/Complete Specification, with the endorsed expense as given in First Schedule at a Patent office in India. There are five types of Patent Application Filing which are given below:

  1. Complete Application
  2. Provisional Application
  3. PCT National Phase Application
  4. PCT International Application
  5. Convention Application

4. Publication of patent application

Once the application has been filed, at that point after the expiry of year and a half from the date of recording or date of need whichever is prior, the application is distributed in an official diary and is available to people in general. This is an opportunity given to people in general to raise a complaint assuming any.

5. Examination of patent application

The patent application is inspected just when a request for assessment has been filed. The solicitation for assessment must be documented inside four years of the application recording date or date of the need. The patent analyst looks at a patent application and issues an assessment report. The assessment report contains a progression of protests raised by an analyst. The reaction to an assessment report must be documented inside a year of the issuance of the assessment report. If necessary analyst calls candidate or his specialist for hearing.

6. Grant of a Patent

After all issues with the assessment report have been resolved and the analyst is happy with the answer of a candidate, the application is placed all together for award. Then again, if the inspector isn’t happy with the answer and contentions of a candidate, at that point he/she can dismiss the application.