What is ISO Consultancy?

Before we discuss about ISO consultancy we will discuss about ISO consultant.

ISO Consultant

An ISO consultant is an expert who can provide you with specialist advice to ensure that your management systems will meet the certification requirements. 

Consultant works with your organization to ensure that you have a proper management system is in place and to ensure that particular management system is comply with the ISO standard which you want to get for your organization. While it is not necessary to have a consultant, but he help you to implement the ISO standard as fast as possible.

what is iso consultancy

What is ISO Consultancy?

ISO consultancy is the process in which a company or organization is hire someone to check the management system is in place or not. If the management system is not in place then the consultant is help the organization to make all the document which is necessary for an organization to get ISO certification. Best ISO Certification help the organization to prepare ISO documents online or offline. In online mode we need some support from client to prepare the documents over phone or email. There is no site visit at the organization in online consultancy. In offline mode there is a site visit is necessary to prepare the documents as per client requirement.

A consultant is also help you in the process of audit to get ISO certification. The main documents to be prepare in the process of consultancy are:

  1. Quality Manual
  2. Procedure
  3. Formats
  4. Quality Policy

These are the some most important documents which are prepare by organization to get ISO certification or for implement better management system in the organization.